Magic in the Shadows

, by Kt Clapsadl

Magic in the Shadows by Devon Monk
Allie Beckstrom #3

Not only does Allie have to deal with losing her memories, but now her father's soul is invading her mind as well. She turns to Zayvion, the lover she has no memory of, and the Authority, a secret group of magical enforcers for help getting her father out of her mind. She must tread carefully for not everyone in the order wishes to help her. Meanwhile, one of her hounds gets into trouble, and Allie finds herself in the center of yet another plot for power. In the end it becomes a fight of wills, and if she isn't careful the fight could cost her much more; all her memories, her magical powers, even her life.

Allie's father is like the ghost that just will not quit. I found myself saying "You died in the first book, now just go away already!" Poor Allie has had so much thrown at her in such a short amount of time. She really has had to learn to pick up the pieces. While she is not physically strong, she has the tenacity and willpower of a tiger. It has become clear that she is incredibly powerful even though she does not realize this herself. She doubts herself and her powers, and I think that isn't always a bad thing. Overconfidence is a very dangerous thing for someone in a world like hers. There was a good amount of progression in the relationship between Allie and Zayvion, and my earlier frustration at their starting over because of her memory loss is gone. I think this time around will work much better for them, and helps build the interest in the series. I look forward to Allie building her confidence and powers so she can protect the ones she loves, as that is her greatest wish.

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