Magic in the Blood

, by Kt Clapsadl

Magic in the blood by Devon Monk
Allie Beckstrom Series #2

After losing her memory of the terrible events of the last month, as well as everything about the man she supposedly loves, Allie is trying to pick the pieces of her life up and put them back together. She accepts a job tracking kidnappings for a special police division called MERC, and as a result finds suspicion in a fellow hound. Once again Allie finds herself in the middle of a dangerous plot and if she's to survive she must trust more than just her magical instincts.

I found the major backtracking of the relationship between Allie and Zayvion to be rather frustrating. I can only hope this was done to build a better foundation for them to have a more solid and meaningful relationship since in the first book everything was rushed and built on sex rather than love. After finding out a little more about the mysterious Zayvion and who he really is, I found him all the more intriguing. Sometimes when a character's unknown background is revealed they lose some of their mystique, but not Zayvion. He is the type of character that will always be a little mystery. I find her father's continued "influence" on her to be a little aggravating, but I also feel the need to say the phrase: "And the plot thickens." In the next book I hope to see more of Allie and Zayvion together, strong, and full of love, as well as Allie finally being able to rid herself of everything to do with her manipulative father once and for all.

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