T.G.I.F. (6)

, by Kt Clapsadl

This Week's Question:

Cast Your Own Story: If you could use existing characters from some of your favorite books to create a new story, who would be in it?

I would love to have a story about a couples retreat survivor style featuring my favorite couples from the Urban Fantasy Genre. They would all go head to head. Oh and the ones that lose must forfeit their man over to me for safe keeping *GRINS*

*Note: The couples listed below are who I want to see paired up, not necessarily who are actually together in the books. So, not spoilery  for those who haven’t read the books :) 

Kate & Curran

Clay & Elena

Riley & Quinn

Mercy & Adam

Gin & Owen

Cat & Bones

Camile & Smoky & Trillian & Morio *grins*

Rachel & Trent

Rose & Dimitri

Georgina & Seth

  Allie and Zayvion

Joanne & Morrison

Ethan & Merit

Alex & Death

Jaz & Vayl

  Elena & Raphael


In fact, I think I might do a blog feature showdown of these guys duking it out. Would that be fun? Would anyone be interested in being champions for any of the couples? Also, who are some of your favorites?

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