Early Review: Bound by Night by Larissa Ione

, by Kt Clapsadl

Bound by Night by Larissa Ione
MoonBound Clan Vampire #1

The first installment in a sexy new paranormal romance series by Larissa Ione, author of the bestselling Demonica series!


Nicole Martin was only eight years old when the vampire slaves rose up in rebellion and killed her family. Now she devotes her life to finding a vaccine against vampirism, hoping to wipe out her memories—along with every bloodsucker on the planet. But there’s one thing she cannot destroy: her searing, undeniable attraction for the one man she should hate and fear the most . . .


A member of the renegade vampire MoonBound Clan, Riker is haunted by demons of his own. When he recognizes Nicole and remembers how her family enslaved his loved ones, his heart burns for vengeance. But when he kidnaps Nicole and holds her in a secret lair, his mortal enemy becomes his soul obsession, his greatest temptation, and, perhaps, his only salvation—a hot-blooded lover who could heal him with her touch . . . or bury him forever.

Nicole's family was slaughtered by a vampire slave rebellion when she was only a child, and she has hated them with a passion ever since. Her entire life revolves around finding a cure to prevent vampirism, yet it's still her own no matter how lonely it may be. But all that changes when a vampire she recognizes from that that brutal night kidnaps her and tries to hold her ransom. But things don't quite go to plan and despite their mutual hatred they find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other. Their budding passion could be their salvation or damnation, but only one thing is certain, it will not be denied. 

I'm a huge romance junkie, and one of my all time favorite tropes in romance is the enemies to lovers theme. There's just something to be said about all that oh so yummy sexual tension that slowly builds until it reaches the boiling point and the characters give into their desires. The couple in BOUND BY NIGHT may just possibly be my all time favorite couple in this sort of situation. Nicole has good reason to hate vampires, and Riker most of all. And Riker, well he has just as good of a reason to hate humans as well. I was absolutely glued to the pages watching these two dance around each other, yet what really sold me was that Nicole never lost her backbone. Once she knew what she wanted, she fought for it, but she also didn't let Riker walk all over her, nor let him continue on with his broody self and get away with him. She's one tough chick and more than a match for him, and I love it. Of course since Riker was incredibly sexy and a pretty awesome character, I was also rooting for his side of things as well even as I cheered Nicole on. So as you can see, I was completely and utterly by this couple! 

The world behind BOUND BY NIGHT was absolutely amazing. I know everyone seems to be saying that vampires have been done and overdone for some time now, but all it takes is a book like this one to prove that vamps aren't out of the picture yet. I loved how Larissa Ione shook things up and had vampires be slaves to the humans. Of course not all have been enslaved as some are "wild" and seek retribution and freedom for all of their kind. And if that weren't enough to convince you this isn't like any other vamp story out there, she added another interesting twist by having the vamps be firmly rooted in Native American heritage and mythology. That's not even to mention the mating rituals and other things, but I'll leave it there as it's better to be enjoyed for yourself.

I'm a huge fan of Larissa's books, so I had pretty high expectations for BOUND BY NIGHT, so imagine my surprise when it not only met them, but blew them out of the water. Simply put I absolutely loved this book. It sucked me in from the very start and I could not put it down. I realize that this review has been mostly a whole lot of fan girling, but honestly this book deserves it. I will be counting down the days until the next book releases. So if you are looking for a paranormal romance that will knock you off your feet, look no further than Bound by Night. This one is not to be missed!!

(Received a copy from the publisher via Edelweiss)



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