long drive home

, by Kt Clapsadl

Well I'm currently on the extremely long drive home from Alabama. We stayed at a hotel last night to help break it up, but it just feels like its taking forever. We spent three days in panama city beach Florida. The beaches down there are absolutely amazing with the clear blue water and white sand. Plus, the water is warm, which is an amazing concept when you are used to ocean city md and the cold water there even in the middle of the summer. I didn't get much reading in this week for obvious reasons, but I did read the final book in the Riley Jensen series. I hate when a series ends, but I understand the author's decision to end it on a good note and not drag it out unrealistically.

I am currently reading My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent. A major bomb shell was just dropped and I'm still stunned even tho I read that part last night. Honestly I don't see how the issue is going to get resolved, but I guess I'm going to have to read and find out.
*Edit* Well, I finished the book, and well, the issue didn't really get resolved. Things were left in limbo. I have mixed feelings about the path this book took, but I am proud of Kaylee for standing up for herself. The person she should be able to count on the most betrayed her, but instead of breaking down shes pushing through and will come out the other side stronger.

On a side note, Bullet by Laurell K Hamilton comes out on Tuesday. I really wanted to reread all the books before reading the new one but I doubt I'm going to have the patience to considering there are 19 of them. Oh well we shall see.
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