Romantic Times

, by Kt Clapsadl

So, I decided to start a blog. Yeah, I know I've done these things many times in the past, but never seem to stick with them. We shall see if this time I do.

This past weekend my hubby and I went to the RT convention in Ohio. I got to meet a lot of my favorite authors. In the end I got book signed from 16 different authors. The place was crazy packed, but I actually got to meet everyone I wanted to except for JR Ward. Her lines were crazy long, as in when I went to get a number they offered me 1500, but they were only in the 800s.

I also got a some pics with a few of my favorites.
Rachel Vincent

Jeaniene Frost

Vicki Pettersson

Richelle Mead

It really was a great weekend. Nice to get away from the kiddos for a little bit. Today was a typical Tuesday morning in that I had my weekly Chiro appointment. However, I felt like dressing nice today, so I french braided my hair and wore a nice outfit with heels. My three year old said "Mommy why are there sticks coming out of your shoes?" As you can tell she does not see me in heels often, let alone stilettos. ;)

So for today that's about it. I think I might start posting blurbs about the books I read. I read crazy fast, and am pretty partial to Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance. Right now I am currently reading Succubus Dreams, the third book in Richelle Mead's Succubus series. So when I finish this book, I'll try and post my own little review.

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  1. hey

    love your blog -- especially the template and font :)

    I thought I'd recommend to you the Larissa Ione series "Demonica", since you like the J.R.Ward series and the basically all the other amazing paranormal, romantic/touch of erotic series.

    Cheers and hope you enjoy them.



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