Dead in the Family

, by Kt Clapsadl

So I just finished Charlaine Harris's Dead in the Family. Overall it was a good book, a little slow and not much really happened. It mostly was a character building book that tied up a lot of loose ends. I was really happy to find out that Eric really was forced, as in held prisoner, to not go to Sookie when she needed him in the last book. It cleared up almost a sense of betrayal. Unfortunately, there just wasn't enough of Eric and Sookie together overall in this book. I have a funny feeling that the book was starting to set us up for there end and that just sucks cuz we know my feelings about heartbreak. I think the book would have been perfect if we could have had more of them together, even if in the end they wind up splitting. It just made the book feel like it was lacking a key part.

Tonight the kids and I are going to see my Grandmother and her Cousin Rosy. Rosy is actually my mother's Godmother, and her and I were always close. She hasn't met Austin (Boo Boo) yet, so that's going to be really nice. Jaden and I need to get to the craft store later to find something to make for my Mom for Mother's day. Mom has always liked things that were handmade, so I think that's our best option.

We are taking a vacation to see my really good friend Reva (Munster) in a couple of weeks. We just realized that the oil spill will probably hit the beach down there so that really stinks, but its still going to me awesome to get down there. I miss her so much since she moved down to FL/AL. Only 15 days till we leave!
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