Much better

, by Kt Clapsadl

I just finished Succubus Heat and Succubus Shadows. It seems my perseverance to stick with the series even with the disappointment of heartbreak has paid off. However, as I predicted, finishing this last book has opened up a whole bunch of impatience to have so many questions tied up. The way things are progressing, it seems my theory about Seth being her husband reincarnated or something is really likely. This series has an amazing plot line that just seems to weave and become more intricate as it unfolds. I really am impressed with Richelle Mead's creativity. When I met her last week I had only read the first succubus book, but after reading the rest I can see why she had such a crazy turn out for the book signing. I really am anticipating reading her two other series. I want to finish one of the many other series I had only read one book from to prepare for the convention. I figured I would most likely not get a chance to meet that many authors at once again. So, I tried to find as many new authors in my preferred genre that would be there. I read one book from each of them to get a "taste" you could say. Considering I generally go through at least a book a day, I am always on the look out for new authors. Back to my love for kindle, without it, my bank account could not support this "habbit." As it is, I'm sure it thanks me when I am busy with the kids or have a lot of schoolwork and cannot read as much. ;)

As far as my next book, well I think I am going to dive into Charlaine Harris's new book. Unfortunately I cannot purchase this book on the kindle because some stupid price war is going on between Amazon and the publisher. I could have bought it from Barnes and Noble and read it on the computer, but I refuse to support the publishers actions. Luckily Amazon offered the hardcover for the same as what the kindle version would have been. Ahh.. Eric ;)
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