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*At what point in the Riley Jenson series did you decide Risa would have a spin-off of her own?

At the point where she came storming into a scene with her pigtails flying, and then pointed out that death was standing behind Riley's shoulder. She wasn't supposed to be in any other books once Riley had rescued her in Tempting Evil, but that's what I love about writing; things don't always go as planned

* How many books are planned for the series? Any hints for what's next?

There's seven books in the series, and I'm writing the last one—Darkness Falls—now. As to what's next—for Risa, lots more mayhem. More than that I can't say without stepping into serious spoiler territory.

If you mean, what's next after Darkness Falls, that would be Fireborn—the first book in my new The Souls of Fire series, which comes out June 2014.

*If your books were to be made into a movie, who would be your top picks for the cast?

Someone who can act, and who somewhat resembles the character they're! I'm not fussy—although I've always thought Scarlett Johansson (as she appeared in The Avengers) would make a mighty fine Riley or Risa. At least she's believable when she kicks butt :)

*Could you tell us a little about the ups and downs you have experienced in publishing?

How much time have you got? Lol. Seriously, my biggest down was the length of time it took me to get published—ten years. Not only was I an Aussie (not many US publishers were willing to take on an unknown from downunder back in the 90s) but I was also writing dark urban fantasy at a time when the genre had yet to make it really big (Mecedes Lackey and Laurell K Hamilton were selling, but not the huge numbers they later did)

But I guess in someways, the length of time it took me to get published was also my saving grace. It not only taught me to hone my work (edits are your friend, and everything you write ISN'T gold, no matter what you think), but it also taught me patience! And patience is needed in the publishing world, because traditional publishing generally doesn't move fast.

Biggest ups; getting my very first contract in 1999 with small e-press ImaJinn, then, 5 years later, having a three publisher auction for the first Riley book. That was AMAZING!

*What are some of your favorite books in the paranormal genre?

I actually don't read a whole lot of books in the paranormal genre any more—I tend to read outside of it. My favorite non-paranormal authors are Dick Francis and James Herbert, but I also read a lot of regency romances. But when I was reading intensively in the genre, my favorite authors were Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffrey, Jacqueline Carey, Katherine Kerr, Raymond E Fiest, Andre Norton, C J Cherryh...and that's just off the top of my head. I'm in the UK at the moment, so I can't go check the bookshelves.

*If you could tell readers one thing about yourself or your books, what would that be?

When it comes to my books, expect the unexpected. I'm not afraid to stroll over to the dark side or to kill off characters :)

*What is the craziest or at least most interesting thing you have ever done?

I'm just like everyone else—I do non-interesting things every day of my life! Lol. The most interesting thing would be going to conferences or book signings and meeting fans. That is such an amazing experience.

*Finish this statement: "You'll like the Dark Angel series if...

you like lots of action, romance, and characters who are just like you and me, in that they have faults and make mistakes. And they're generally something more than human

Author info:

The Unofficial Bio
I’m a born and bred Melbourne (Australia) gal, and grew up sharing my life with dragons, elves, vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters and the occasional talking horse. Which worried my family to no end. Of course, now that I’m actually make a living sharing my life with the above mentioned creatures, they no longer contemplate calling the men with the little white coat. When not at my keyboard, I can be found at the gym, sitting front of the TV, or taking my two dogs for a walk.

The Official Bio
Keri Arthur, author of the New York Times bestselling Riley Jenson Guardian series, has now written more than twenty-eight novels. She’s received several nominations in the Best Contemporary Paranormal category of the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Awards and has won RT’s Career Achievement Award for urban fantasy. She lives with her daughter in Melbourne, Australia.

Past day jobs
Clerk at the Bureau of Meteorology, Cook at the MCG, Function and Desert cook at the Essendon Football Club

Current Job
Full time writer and mum.

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When Risa loses the second key to hell, she angers several powerful people, and she’s starting to feel the pressure from all sides. She gets a visit from her father, who gives her an ultimatum: Get back the key or he will kill her friends. 

Risa also finds herself under the scrutiny of the vampire council, some of whom consider her a monster who should be destroyed. But they offer her a bloody bargain: Take on the lethal head of the council, Madeline Hunter, and others will support her.

As the search for the keys to hell heats up, Risa realizes that she has no choice. For the sake of the people she loves, she must find the keys — and get rid of Hunter — before the second gate is opened and brings the world closer to all hell breaking loose...

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