Blood Magic

, by Kt Clapsadl

Blood Magic by Eileen Wilks
World of the Lupi #6

Lily Yu’s world changed when she met Rule Turner, known to the human world as “that werewolf prince.”  It’s been eight months since everyone else’s world changed, too—when the Turning hit.  That shifting of the realms has magic seeping back into the world in quantities unseen since the hot news story concerned a pair of human babes raised by wolves who went on to found a new city:  Rome.

Lily is a homicide cop turned FBI agent.  She works for a special Unit within the MCD—that’s the Bureau’s Magical Crimes Division.   Lily became a cop to stop the monsters , though it was human monsters she had in mind at the time.  These days, the perps she tracks may be a lot more—or a lot less--than human.

In BLOOD MAGIC, Lily and Rule are faced with their most dangerous opponent yet, one the law can’t touch.  One who can’t be killed.  One whose like hasn’t been seen in our world since long before those wolves fostered Romulus and Remus.

Oh, one more thing about BLOOD MAGIC:  Grandmother is back.

Those of you who haven’t read the previous books in my World of the Lupi series may be scratching your head about now.  Someone’s grandmother shows up and you’re supposed to get all tingly?   You might be more interested in some of the other characters in BLOOD MAGIC, like the assassin.  Or the dragon.  Or the ancient, undying enemy willing to wait for centuries to achieve what really matters.


After the ending of the last book, I expected this book to be mostly about the consequences of Lily and Rule getting engaged since marriage is extremely forbidden to the Lupi. However, while that issue does cause tension, it really takes an extreme back seat when there is an almost successful assassination attempt on Cullen. It happens at his and Cynna's baby party of all times. Lily is the only one who saw the mysterious Asian. Since he was able to slip in and out undetected by anyone but her even though there were hundreds of Lupi present, Lily quickly realizes that this assassin must be very powerful, or at least supported by someone who is. She goes to Sam the dragon to beg his help in protecting Cullen. She gets more than she bargained for when she finds out things about herself that she never could have guessed, and finds out about a centuries long feud involving the assassin's powerful lover. and gets locked down by a magical geas. She must rely on Rule to be her "voice" if she is to have any hope at stopping the assassin and his lover from their revenge.

I was glad to have some more insight to the relationship between Lily's grandmother and the dragon, Sam. However, their revelations came as a complete shock to both Lily and me. The geas is one of the hardest things for Lily to deal with considering her personality. She always has to be in control, and she feels ultimately responsible to fix whatever crisis is currently happening. She isn't one to sit idly by while others make the hard decisions, so having to rely on Rule and let him make all the decisions is extremely hard for her. The fact that she was able to handle it at all shows just how much she has grown.

I really love the "love" between each of the two main couples. Both of them had rocky starts and there will still be many bumps along the road I'm sure, but they seem to finally have found some happiness in each other even if everything around them keeps falling apart. I love how Cullen continued to break all the rules when he married Cynna, becoming the only Lupi to ever get married. I thought it was going to be too much to ask for Rule and Lily to get married considering his status and duties to the Lupi, so you can imagine my excitement when he proposed at the end of the last book. Even if the Lupi find a way to prevent the marriage I will still be happy since he was willing to sacrifice everything for Lily.

I really enjoyed this book, and wound up staying up way too late to finish because I just could not put it down. This series has just gotten better and better with each book. The characters are really amazing, will just suck you in. I cannot wait for the upcoming nuptials and for the "little rider" to be born!


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  1. I haven't read any books by this author. It sounds good I'll have to try on of her books.

  2. I have been wanting to get to this series. After reading a short story in an anthology, I loved this world and the relationship she created here. :) Thanks for the review. I need to get to this world.


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