Night Season

, by Kt Clapsadl

Night Season by Eileen Wilks
World of the Lupi #4

A magic medallion . . .

A diplomatic envoy from another realm . . .

A dragon who doesn’t like to share. . .

. . . and a tester that turns the wrong color when she pees on it. FBI Agent Cynna Weaver’s life is a little too full right now. She’s pregnant--and lupus sorcerer Cullen Seabourne is the father. Cullen is thrilled. Cynna can barely utter the p-word. What does she know about kids? Her mother was a drunk. Her father abandoned them. Or so she’s always believed . . . .

But things could be worse. She might be snatched into another realm to meet her long-lost father--a world where humans are strictly second-class citizens. In Edge, magic is commonplace, lying is an artform, and night never ends.

And Cynna’s only way home means working with Cullen to find an ancient artifact sought by powerful beings who would do anything to claim it.

This book is mainly told from Cynna and Cullen's perspectives. Even though Cynna knows she is pregnant, she is still holding on to every shred of denial she can, including telling herself she can keep Cullen at an arms length. When she and Cullen get kidnapped into another realm called Edge, she must learn to trust him, for he seems to be the only one who cares at all if she lives or dies. She is forced on a search for a magical medallion that controls the seasons in Edge, but not everyone wants her to find it.

I have to say I love Cynna and Cullen's love hate relationship. You can really tell they both care for each other no matter how much either of them denies it. One minute they are fighting and the next.. well.. Ahem.. I have to say Cullen's commitment surprised me since the Lupi are extremely against monogamy. But, considering the Lupi's very low fertility this does make sense. Of course Cullen seems to make it a habit to break all the rules as much as possible.

I really enjoyed some of the sideline characters, especially Gan, the semi-former demon who has grown a soul. She is a very amusing character, so childlike, yet strong. I enjoyed seeing more of her transformation as she learns what it means to care for others, the main component of a soul. I also enjoyed the part, while small about Kai and Nathan. It appears there is a short story about them called, "Inhuman" from the Anthology, On the Prowl. The two of them really intrigued me, so I'll have to check out their short story.

I was a little gun shy at first about this book since Lily and Rule are not much of a focus in this book, but I'm really glad I decided to continue on with the series. This book was really fulfilling, and I actually didn't miss Lily and Rule too much. Cynna and Cullen's journey was more than enough to keep my attention, and made for a very good read.


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  1. A love-hate relationship that lasts more than 1 book ... hope it doesn't get too draggy :-)


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