Chill Factor

, by Kt Clapsadl

Chill Factor by Rachel Caine
Weather Warden #3

Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin has protected the human race from monster storms, been killed, reborn as a Djinn, and then restored to her original form. Now she's throwing the dice to stop an infinitely powerful, deeply disturbed kid-who is holed up in a Vegas hotel-from bringing on a new ice age.

Poor Joanne has really had a rough couple of weeks. She started on the run from murder charges, died, was reborn as a djinn, died again, and came back as a human. This book starts with Joanne and David trying to reach Las Vegas to stop the teenager, Kevin, who stole powers and enslaved the leader of the Djinn, Jonathan. Unfortunately they have not been able to make any progress as Kevin, via Jonathan always finds them before they get even close. Joanne finds herself stuck in the middle of a secret society and quickly learns she cannot trust anyone because even her friend seem to have no issue with using her as a pawn.

I've come to realize that I really should just expect the unexpected in this series. I cannot count how many times I thought "Woah, didn't see that one coming." Its amazing to see everything that is thrown at Joanne, yet she still seems to survive and come up kicking. At one point, Jonathan, who seems to have it out for her, even says "You really know how to survive, I'll give you that." I really admire her strength and determination to do the right thing. Yes, she does have a major weakness for cars and shopping, which she does at really odd moments, but in the end she makes sure to fight for what is right even if it means not taking the easy way out.

I'm starting to worry a little about Joanne and David's future. They just haven't been able to have any real time together, something always seems to tear them apart. I hope things do not fizzle between them. I love their chemistry and a lot of what I love of this series is the dynamic between the two. Hopefully they will at least get a little time together if not some peace in future books. However, with the way things ended in this book, it makes their future seem even more shaky.

This book was just as suspenseful as the first two. I love how the author integrates things from Joanne's past and makes them relevant to things happening now. Considering how she is always out to save the world, it was nice to see that she might actually be an important part of the puzzle, versus just a girl with a hero complex. This book is a great read, but beware that you will want to have the next book ready as the ending of this one will make you want to jump right into the following one.


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  1. I read Undone by Rachel Caine and it was just ok for me. I've heard good things about this series though!


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