2nd Blogoversay Celebration Giveaway

, by Kt Clapsadl

May 4th marks two years since I started this blog. I just cannot believe it has been that long. Time really flies when you are having fun. These past two years have been a roller coaster ride full of oh so yummy books. I've really come a long way from the first few months and my ramblings. I've made so many friends that have really made this an experience for me. I am incredible grateful to all the publishing contacts I've made. But none of this would have been possible without my readers, and for that I am truly grateful. I wanted to celebrate with a huge thank you to all of you! So, here's to two years of bloggy awesomeness and hopefully many more to come!

At the minimum, there will be two US winners and 1 International winner. However, with every 200 followers gained via each method listed below, I’ll add another giveaway to the pot of any book (up to $10) from The Book Depository.

Stats: Start/End

GFC Followers 1095 -- 1259 (+164)
Linky Followers 181 -- 276 (+95)
RSS Subscribers 536 -- 618 (+82) (The Link doesn't work with Chrome- Click the subscribe button on your RSS reader and enter http://www.abookobsession.com/feeds/posts/default and the feed should show up. Sorry I know it is a pain to have to do it this way, but I can't get feedburner to work right either, so I'm out of options.)
Twitter Followers 472 -- 631 (+159)
Facebook Likes 23 -- 257 (+234) YAY! +1 to the giveaway pot

I’ll keep this updated periodically throughout the giveaway, and add more giveaways to the rafflecopter as needed.

US only portion: 

Two winners will each get to pick two ARC copies from this list:

International entrants can win a book of their choice from the book depository (up to $15)

Also to help fund this giveaway, and future ones, I’m adding a new option to the rafflecopter giveaway. If you make a purchase of anything through my affiliate links via Amazon or The Book Depository, you’ll get 25 extra entries each time. (Once per day) Just email me a copy of your receipt(s)  to kclapsadl (at) gmail (dot) com. So if you were planning on buying a book (or any other item from Amazon) anyway, I'd really appreciate it if you could use one of my links. It doesn't cost you anything, but helps me to support these and future giveaways. Thanks!

Here’s the links:

AmazonThe Book Depository
Good luck!

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