T.G.I.F. (2)

, by Kt Clapsadl

This Week's Question: Supporting Characters: We tend to gush over those main characters the most, but what about those supporting roles? Who are some of your favorites? 
OOooo I love this question!! There are so many great supporting characters out there. I could probably yammer about these all day, but here are some of my favorites:

Andrea may be getting her own book, which will make her a main character soon, but for now I’m counting her as a supporting one. I just love her kick ass and take names personality. She’s also incredibly loyal to Kate, which is really important. Kate needs that stability and friendship more than she will ever realize. 

I really love this series, and really all of the characters. However, my favorite supporting character has to be Riley’s twin, Rhoan. He is so fiercely loyal to her, it is incredible. One of my all time favorite quotes comes from him: “I keep warning and warning, and nobody seems willing to listen. One of these days someone is going to wake up to the fact that I'm serious when I say never to attack my sister without looking over your shoulder for me.”  I just love the dynamic between the two of them!

There are a whole lot of supporting characters that I love in the Mercy Thompson Series. I love Bran for his mysterious nature and his ability to seem so non-threatening, when that is the biggest laugh of all. I love Stefan for his insane love of Scooby Doo of all things. I also really really really love Ben for his fierce loyalty to Mercy even though his past has incredibly scarred him towards women. I just love how he was willing to seriously put himself on the line to knock some sense into Adam about a bad issue with Mercy. He knew exactly what she needed when no one else did.

This series is awesome! My favorite supporting character has to be Myrnin. These books wouldn’t be half as good with out his insanity. From his attire, especially the vampire bunny slippers, to his complete inappropriateness at the worst of times, I seriously heart this vampire. Sometimes I think I’m just reading the books to see what insane thing he will do next. His unpredictability is the bomb!

Okay, so my favorite here is going to be another case of a character soon getting their own book, but I couldn’t do this list without picking the “Showhound.” I mean come on, he is Vlad the Freaking Impaler, and he is seriously so much fun. I just love how he and Bones go at it, and how great of a friend he is to Cat. He has mad respect for her, and really just gets her. Perhaps even in a way that Bones never will. And that is okay. We all need at least one really good friend outside of our own relationships.

I have two top favorites in the Rachel Morgan Series. First up is Jenks, because he is hella funny and  the best damn friend/backup anyone could ever have. He may only be four inches tall, but his heart is miles wide. Love that pixy.
Then there is Big Al. He started out as the big nasty of the series, but has grown into so much more. Now he and Rachel has this complicated and quite weird relationship going on, where there is a mutual respect, but not necessarily trust. He’s definitely come a long way!

Ahhh.. Shamus. You are so much fun with your drunkeness, and innapropriate behavior. I just love the way how you try to act like you don’t care about anyone but yourself. Your actions speak louder than words, and I am on to you buddy!

Gary has to be one of the coolest “normal” sidekicks I’ve ever read about. Seriously, this dude is in his 70s, but he keeps up with Joanne every step of the way. In fact, the author recently held a kickstarter campaign for a novella from his perspective. I of course bought right in. Much to my excitement, it turned into a shorter book, and I really loved seeing into his head, and his past.

At this point in the series, Tod may not be considered a supporting character, since his role has become increasingly more in each book. But he is so awesome, that I couldn’t skip him. There is something just oh so yummy about this Reaper!

Okay, that was seriously a lot of characters, I’m sure there are more I could list, but this post is quite long enough. What are some of your picks? Do any of them match mine?
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