Bargain Books & Kindle Deals (1)

, by Kt Clapsadl

I've decided to make my Bargain Book and Kindle Deal finds a weekly feature here at A Book Obsession.. If you guys are anything like me, your book addiction can easily get out of hand, so any sales/deals are a huge help. If you like any of the deals below, I would appreciate if you use the affliate links below. All earning support the giveaways here on the blog. :)

Bargain New Paperbacks/Hardcovers:

Kindle Deals:
$0.99            $2.99             $0.99             $2.99
$3.99           $1.99            $0.99             $0.99
$1.59             $1.59             $2.99            $2.99
$12.64(All 4 books)        $2.99             $2.99            $4.99

$4.99            $1.99             $3.99              $3.28
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