Eternal Kiss of Darkness

, by Kt Clapsadl

Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Jeaniene Frost
Night Huntress World #2

An Ancient Egyptian vampire named Mencheres has grown weary of life. After losing his visions of the future, he has been convinced his time on this earth must be coming to an end, as all he can see is darkness in store for him. The last thing he expects however is Kira, a private detective, who at risk to her own life tries to save him from an assault. What she didn't know was the vampire didn't really need her help; or does he? Kira may be the one thing that could truly save him, but at what cost? Another ancient covets Mencheres' powers and will do anything to see his ultimate destruction. Mencheres must tread carefully to prevent the ancient from gaining his powers even if it means giving up his heart's desire.

Contrary to Cat's (from The Night Huntress series) view of Mencheres being only a methodical manipulator, in this book he is shown in a whole new light. We see real emotion and regret for the things he has done. Regardless of the good intentions and reasons for his actions in the past he still feels tremendous guilt and that guilt is crippling him. In all the times we have seen him in previous novels he is very careful to hide his feelings behind a impenetrable emotional mask. I really enjoyed seeing behind the mask and the real emotions proving there is more to him than meets the eye.

Kira, unlike Mencheres, proves to be very strong without hiding her emotions away. Her moral fiber is amazing as is her devotion to uphold her mentor's motto to "save one life." Even with everything that is thrown at her in such a short time she holds steady. I do not think any other character could be more perfect for Mencheres. The heat between the two is smoldering and will not disappoint.

While Kira and Mencheres are the main focus of the book some of my favorite characters from The Night huntress series make appearances. Many unanswered questions from prior books are also revealed. This book will only suck you further into The Night Huntress World and its characters. Eternal Kiss of Darkness is truly a must read.

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