Fatal Circle

, by Kt Clapsadl

Fatal Circle by Linda Robertson
Persephone Alcmedi Series #3

Persephone Alcmedi, a witch, who has the werewolf king for a boyfriend, is also inescapably tied to the original vampire. But hey, what else can you expect from the prophesied Lustrata, the one who will bring balance and peace to all the races. In this third book, Persephone is still coming to terms with her destiny and the bond with her vampire. In all her teachings as a witch she was brought to see vampires as evil beings. However, being linked to the vampire Menessos has opened her eyes and helped her to get over her prejudices to strive for the balance she must provide. The high priestess of the local coven's position is empty due to the prior's betrayal of Menessos. Persephone is pulled into the running against her will. As a result of the trials, Persephone by protecting her adopted daughter inadvertently triggers an event that will lead to war with the fey.

This book deals with the three leaders learning to work together and truly become the powerful force they will need to be with war looming. The two men each have their own issues but the core problem is jealousy over Persephone. The love triangle theme is in full force in this series, and if not resolved could be the end of everything Persephone holds dear. There were a lot of resolutions in this book, but it still ended on a cliffhanger of dread. Something major is in the balance, making the end a tearjerker. I love books that stir up real emotion as you read them, and this most definitely was one.

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