Magic Strikes

, by Kt Clapsadl

Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews
Kate Daniels Series #3

Kate's were friend Derek lands himself in major hot water in Magic Strikes. The two formed a bond when she took control of him and as a result had to claim him as a protector. That blood oath was released, but there are still major loyalty drives on both sides. In order to save him, Kate and some other weres must choose whether to disobey the Beast Lord's laws against the forbidden fighting ring. For the weres this potentially means a death sentence. As for Kate, well one never knows whether she is on the good or the bad side of the beast lord. As if angering the Beast Lord wasn't enough, she must be careful of showing her powers when it looks like her enemies of her heritage could be closing in.

Kate has been steadily building relationships with others even though it was ingrained into her while she was growing up to never trust anyone. I think this really has helped build her character and the series. Being a loner can be great considering how dangerous being her friend can be, but it was just too lonely for her. By trusting others she is finding support where she never thought she could. Her relationship with Curran, the Beast Lord has been building stronger and stronger. There is a major attraction there, and the sexual tension is really thick. Its only a matter of one or both of them caving from their refusal to relinquish any dominance. However, for those two that idea seems a near impossibility.

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