Wait for Dusk

, by Kt Clapsadl

Wait for Dust by Jocelynn Drake
Dark Days Series #5

After being summoned by the Coven to claim her seat as an Elder, Mira learns of a growing Naturi threat in Budapest. When her rival Macaire, another Elder, suggests she travel there to dispatch the Naturi, she knows she is stepping into a trap but must go anyway for the good of her people. While two other nightwalkers set out with her, she knows she can only truly count on Danaus, her hunter companion. With her own kind afraid of her, her past coming to haunt her and the threat from Macaire, Mira is yet again in for the fight of her life. She needs Danaus now more than ever and his betrayal ultimately risks her fragile hold onto her sanity.

While the slow progression of Mira and Danaus' relationship has been frustrating as a reader, it has been realistic considering they started out as mortal enemies trying to kill each other. The two make major progress in their relationship in this novel. Avid fans, myself included, have been begging to see "angry wall sex" between Mira and Danaus and this book will not disappoint. Drake sure knows how to make the heat between the two of them almost reach the boiling point. However, after seeing into Danaus's head in the previous book, Pray for Dawn, and his deep feelings for Mira, his betrayal came at a complete shock. Even though he is conflicted over her since he believes nightwalkers are evil, I would have never believed he could ultimately betray her. In the end, it makes sense since the only thing that could bring him down would be his greatest weakness, humans. As if the betrayal wasn't enough, she has no choice but fall into Macaire's trap, and must come to terms with the dark secrets from her past. Poor Mira never gets a break and everything seems to be thrown at her at once. While her hold on sanity may be tenuous at times, any other character would have long crumbled under the pressure. Her fortitude and determination to protect her people makes Mira such an admirable character and this book will leave you desperate for more.


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