, by Kt Clapsadl

Seraphs by Faith Hunter
Rogue Mage Series #2

After the events of Bloodring, Thorn can no longer hide who she is. She has a few very loyal allies, but as for the rest of the town most are wary of, if not outright against her. Most fear her, and a few would love nothing more than to prosecute and execute her. Although their fears are mostly based on prejudice, some of them are warranted. The dark forces on the Trine are drawn to Thorn as they want Thorn and her powers, bringing the fight to the town. In the end, to save the ones she loves she must do something she vowed never to do again, go underground into the Darkness' lair to rescue a fallen Seraph that is vital to the looming war.

This book was much less confusing than the last one, and while we still do not know the entire truth of Thorn's past, things are starting to become a little more clear. Considering how frustrating it is to me to not know what she truly is, I cannot imagine what it would be like for Thorn. The poor mage has had so many things thrown at her, and everyone seems to know much more about her than she does, its a wonder she can even begin to handle it all. Throughout this book Thorn continues to prove her inner "goodness" regardless of what the townspeople may say, nor the fact that she is supposed to be soulless as all mages are. She never hesitates to risk and sacrifice her safety to protect others and that it a very admirable trait. The mage heat is still an issue for me as you would expect something to come of it, but nothing ever does. While Thorn is so strong willed that she can mostly avoid the temptation, a normal person would not be able to. Since mage heat affects the person it is directed at as well, it would make sense that one of these times something would have happened. Putting that aside Thorn is an amazing character and her selflessness is amazing. I hope in the next book she get some recovery time and a little peace as a reward for all she has done and sacrificed.

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