, by Kt Clapsadl

Host by Faith Hunter
Rogue Mage Series #3

As a result of her new Seraphic visa and station her birth Enclave sends a metal mage emissary named Cheran to train Thorn. However, she immediately realizes there is more than meets the eye to the pompous Cheran, and she senses a underlying current of danger from him. While she is trying to juggle the demands from the different organizations due to her new position, and trying to figure out how to rescue her twin, the Succubus Queen makes a reappearance threatening the ones she loves. When the attack turns deadly, the trapped uses that death power to escape his prison, and he has his sights set on Thorn.

Once again the evil darkness led by the Dragon does all it can to get a hold of Thorn and her power. Its up to Thorn to stop him as she cannot call for Seraphic help without risking the town as humans always die whenever a Seraph draws their sword. While she may not always handle diplomatic situations well, she never once flinches when it comes to duty and honor in protecting others. She would rather allow herself to be gravely injured than risk the human's deaths. A character with less strength and determination could not have survived her perils. Through the battles she learns some distressing truths about her past and who she really is, as well as what her birth prophecy really means. These revelations are bittersweet and many came as a shock to Thorn as well as myself. I knew many things were hidden to her in her past, but some of them just completely floored me. The book ended with most things tied up, but still left open the possibility for more books. The series had a slow start but did not disappoint me as it went on. Thorn is really admirable character and her "voice" makes for a good read.

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Host: A Rogue Mage Novel

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  1. This is another series I have been wanting to start. Thank you for the review. I know this is the third book, but it sounds great. And from what I have heard of the series, it sounds like it is a great one. Thanks!


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